We Empower Outdoor-Focused Enterprises

A consultant and choreographer of collaborative solutions, Risa Shimoda empowers outdoor-focused businesses, agencies, and organizations to connect with new audiences, or reconnect with underserved constituents. From co-creating and designing effective marketing campaigns to orchestrating professional conferences, symposiums, and major events, Risa’s passion is helping her clients grow and prosper by developing sound marketing and outreach strategies, new initiatives, meaningful events, and sustainable programs.

The Shimoda Group takes pride in helping clients establish and growing businesses and brands by:
  • Listening to their needs
  • Understanding their current sector position
  • Helping them define and secure their desired marketplace presence


In an age of relentless change and information overload, companies and organizations must constantly adapt and revitalize themselves to remain relevant with current customers and attract new audiences.


Risa helps clients connect with new fans and find and tap underutilized constituencies. Through The Shimoda Group, she has brought strong collaborative skills to small and medium sized businesses, government agencies, and organizations eager to share their love of nature and highlight the benefits of healthy, outdoor-focused lifestyles.

Key Deliverables